Hello everybody, I am building my first and maybe only lightsaber, and I wanna go all out on this one. While I am pretty new to this stuff, I am getting a lot of help from my friends with all the wiring and important parts of making this neopixel lightsaber. So far I have a pretty good parts list of what I am getting or already have. My major problem right now is in making a chassis and connecting everything together. I am using a Proffieboard v2.2, two AV momentary switches, neopixel leds, etc. I am making my hilt using the Saberforge ASP parts, and making a chassis based off of that. I am using a removable battery, so in turn I have a Keystone 18650 battery holder from The Saber Armory. Now, my biggest problem is that I do not know how to attach wires to the battery holder so that I can attach those wires to the rest of my electronics build. This is mainly what I've been trying to figure out, as I can't find much on it. If any of you know websites or posts that can help, be happy to share. Again, wiring the whole setup with my Proffieboard is my biggest challenge, and I would greatly appreciate the help. thank you all so much.