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Thread: Petit Crouton to CFX Upgrade

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    Default Petit Crouton to CFX Upgrade

    Hey all. I needed a bit of help with this new setup. I'm not to savy when it comes to resitors and such. I had a friend helping me at the time of the old build. I wanted to convert it to a CFX and a RGB Tri-cree LED. **Note, I'm using the 7.4v panasonic 18650.

    Parts ordered:

    Crystal Focus Sound Module X
    Red/Green/Royal Blue Cree XP-E2 CopperNova

    My question is, what would i need to complete the build for the CFX + RGB LED? Many thanks in advanced

    Old Setup:

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    you can use the resistor calculator on the store to figure out the resistors you need, but I will make some assumptions here. Assuming you are getting the CopperNova from the store, you will need greed= 3.9ohm 5W Resistor, red= 5.6ohm 10W Resistor, blue= 4.7ohm 5W Resistor. And I would replace that latching switch for a normal momentary.

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    Oh awesome. Thanks for the info! I do have momentary switches for the IGN and AUX.

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    You also would be better off with a 3.7V battery 4A draw. That makes the resistors much smaller as well.
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    You'll probably need to update the speaker as well if you don't have a quality one for the CFX.

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