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    I ordered my parts Last week on tuesday and it still says my order is being processed. I didn't order anything custom so as I've read it shouldnt take very long. the only thing currently out of stock is the PCB connector but I thought I ordered before it was gone. Does anyone know where he is sourcing these from? If Tim is getting these from China it will probably take a very long time to restock. I'm not expecting to get any answer to my Mail regarding this topic, so I'm trying the Forums. I'm not Sure if he has just a lot to do or if I was too late, so now I'm thinking about just canceling my order and reorder the parts which are 100% in stock. Any advice?

    Edit: I'm not trying to complain about anything, I'm just really excited to finally start my first build
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    What is your order number?
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    My order number is 141218. I also didn't read the Forums before writing my mail. I can fully understand that you don't have time to answer every single "when is part xxx back in stock question.


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