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Thread: im geting a new saber and dont know what size thumbscrew to order.

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    Default im geting a new saber and dont know what size thumbscrew to order.

    hi i was looking on your website at your thumbscrews. im getting an ultra sabers emperors hand soon. do you sell any thumbscrews that may fit for this model saber? i need a blade retention screw. i contacted ultra sabers a month ago and they dont respond. i thought since you sell these kind of screws you might know what size i need. any ideas? all i know is its not the standard 8-32. its bigger. i tried the us forums and no repsonse from them either.your parts are amazing ! thanks!

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    I have no idea but you can go to a hardware store and try things from the bins.

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    In the United States, I have found Lowe's and Home Depot to be lacking in quantity of hardware fasteners. I used to work at a Lowe's in highschool/college and we used to have way more hardware drawers full of greeblies back in the early 2000's. Nowadays, the best places with lots of hardware fasteners are the few remaining Sear's Hardware (specifically) stores, Ace Hardware can be hit or miss, and TruValue hardware stores have excellent selection. I'm on the East Coast, so your mileage may vary across the Mid-West and West Coast.

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    i only have home depo here and they dont make the kind of thumbscrews for the saber i need thanks though!

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    You don’t have to buy. You just need to know the thread size. The problem with Home Depot is the bin fasteners are in bags.
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