Hi All,

I have a PRIZM 5.5 ( I know, I know, my next build will be a CFX I promise) that has 4 accent pads that run at 3.3V at 18mA each. I have a 10 segment light bar LED that I want to wire to the soundcard. https://www.luckylight.cn/en/product...r/kwl-r1025bb/
This LED doesn't work like the PLI LEDs from the shop because there is no IC chip providing that functionality; it is basically 10 LEDs each individually wired in one physical package. Since I only have 4 accent pads to work with I was thinking that I can wire 3 LEDs in parallel on 2 of the pads and wire 2LEDs in parallel on the remaining 2 pads. For the 3 LEDs in parallel I remember reading somewhere that for items wired in parallel the voltage stayed constant while the current was cumulative if I don't want to run the three at no more than 15mA total each of the 3 LEDs can only run at 5mA each so my resistor calculations should come out to ( 3.3 - 2.72)/ .005 = 116 Ohms and .0029 Watts. I can use the same calculation for the 2LEDs in parallel on the remaining 2 pads

Is this correct or have misunderstood Ohm's Law?

Thanks in Advance