Hello everyone!

A while ago I converted a 2005 MR Vader lightsaber with one of the kits from the shop here. Unfortunately, I broke one of the wire pieces when removing it from the hilt. Fortunately, I have a 3d printer and was quickly able to model and print a set of replacements for the saber. I would have liked to have sold them on this forum, but since that is against the rules I decided to instead share the file so that others who broke their wire pieces can make a suitable replacement. I have uploaded the model to Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4138122.

Here is a quick picture I snapped of one installed on my hilt:

They are not a 100% match with the old wires, so it would be best to replace all of the wires if you lose one. I think they look alright, but I will let you all be the judge of that. Hopefully this model can help a few of you fix some holes in your saber hardware.
Have a great day!