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Very nice work! You put a lot of work into that chassis and I’m impressed.

What kind of run-times did you get from those batteries - I am very curious about them.

What did you end up going with for soundboard?

- Steve
I'm not sure exactly how long the batteries would last before running out, but I estimate ~20 minutes in the illuminated state before being fully depleted. As for the soundboard, I used a Pico Crumble 2.5 Dark Edition.

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Is the original camera flash from the one German brand? If so I saw one in person a few months ago at an antique shop, thought about getting it, I should have :P I felt I was so close to the Luke base flash though so I passed it up :P The flash was one of the smaller sized ones
I'm not sure who made this particular camera flash. It was in terrible condition when it arrived and any markings that were on it have been almost entirely scratched off over the years.

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Nice use of mixed media. I really like that switch.
Thank you! This was my first build, and I'm very proud of how it turned out.