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Thread: Parts list for upgrading a few parts of an ultrasaber aeon v4 hilt.

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    Default Parts list for upgrading a few parts of an ultrasaber aeon v4 hilt.

    Not 100% sure this is the right place to post this but I have an ultrasabers aeon v4 stunt saber that I wanted to upgrade with a few Tcss parts, the hilt has a buckpuck and two 14500 batteries in 7.4v. it works well but I wanted to upgrade the battery, add a recharge port and maybe add a new pommel to hold the recharge port, but Iím not 100% sure I can do what I have planned, I cant see any reason I wouldnít be able too but I wanted to check just to make sure Iím not missing something.

    so in the pic the first setup is how my ultra sabers is wired up, the plan is to snip off the battery pack at the connectors, buy a 7.4v 18650 battery pack with a quick connect, attach it to the recharge port with quick connect and then just connect the leads to the old positive and negative leads that used to connect the old battery pack, basically just replacing the old battery pack but with a recharge port spliced in between the battery and the rest of the saber. I was then thinking of using the tcss mhv1 style 4 pommel with recharge port insert. But looking though the description and pics wasnít 100% sure it actually accepts an insert or not since the vents are already built in.

    I also want to add in a tri-cree module to change the color but need to research more before I get to that. From my current understanding with a 7.4v battery pack and a 1000ma buck puck I can only drive 2 die on a tricree at full brightness in a stunt so id have to get a standard tricree and waste one die by only wiring up the two.

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    That should work, however, in your diagram you have the MWS recharge port backwards...the female connector goes to the battery, the male goes to the buck puck as it has the negative on the switched terminal to cut power to the puck when the charger is inserted. How do you plan on installing that recharge port that particular pommel?

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    ya, i forgot to mention when i drew the lines i just slap it together super quick to show connect battery to recharge port then connect recharge port to buckpuck, and that i didn't draw them exactly like they should be wired.

    as far as the pommel goes i actually need to determine if that particular pommel even is able to have a recharge port insert installed into it, from what im seeing i suspect it doesn't have that lip/ledge were one would sit because the sound vents are already in the pommel itself, it doesnt mention it can like the other pommels but also doesn't explicitly say it does not either. assuming it doesn't allow the pommel inserts ill just have to choose another that can.

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    I have used several of those pommels in the past, and I can safely say they weren't designed with holding a recharge port in mind. Although the inside surface of the pommel end cap is flat, the way it screws onto the other half of the pommel will make assembly problematic as your recharge port wires will twist as you screw on the cap. I would suggest looking at this pommel: and if you aren't planning on sound, this insert:

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    That Pommel is Definitely not made to accept a recharge port by default. But if you are set on using it, you could possibly drill out that center sound hold to be the right size to accept the RP... in theory anyway. I do not own one to measure, and the proximity to those other holes means -at best- tolerances would be tight; at worst you'd have an extremely large, flower shaped hole at the bottom.


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