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Thread: MHS V1 & V2 and newbie questions

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    Default MHS V1 & V2 and newbie questions

    I am new to the site and wanted to know if MHS V1 & V2 parts are interchangeable or their own separate systems. Also I was thinking of doing a Neopixel blade, but I heard mixed things about them for dueling. Like you can or cannot dual with this type of blade. I know what blade length I would like, but the width I am unsure of. What would be your recommended width? My final question is the Neopixal 11 pin, is that for up to 4 strips or just 2? I am planing for an animated effect blade style, kind of like an unstable blade look. Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions, and yes I did see the stickies for newbies and read them.

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    V1 and V2 are different sizes, however there are adapters available in the store that can be used to combine the two.
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