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Thread: Did I just burned my board?

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    Unhappy Did I just burned my board?


    After completing the wiring and testing it,installing new fonts,playing with it all day, I decided to grind the edges of the chassis a little as it was too sharp and sometimes pinched the other wires.I did grind a little close to the wires,but I know for a fact that my fingers were between the board and the edge. After the grind,turned it on again,just to be safe,it worked and went on to complete it and send it.After I came home from work,decided to play with it again for the last time and to my surprise, it did not turn on. Checked all the wires and noticed the negative from the battery was a little wobbly. Re-did the joint,but I think I kept the tip of the gun to long and I am afraid that I might have burned the connection. Any thoughts?

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    The image is a bit blurry, could you take a shot of it again and include a shot of the bottom as well?

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    Was the light on the board active when the board was powered without the SD card inserted, and out of curiosity you didn't solder the board with the SD card in did you?

    Edit, I also see what could be damage to the microprocessor next to one of the drive pads. Well, damage to the connection between the processor and the board.

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    The SD card was not in it.It's in now because I took it apart and put it aside for the time being.I had a small slip up while desoldering one connection and ended up being distracted by my kid while doing this.
    Should I start ordering a new one ?

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    I would take a magnifying glass to that section of the processor right next to the Aux switch solder point and assess any damage to the connection, if it's simply bridged you might be able to remove the bridge, but if it's outright damaged I would say you need a replacement board.

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    What about the power solder points?

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    I'd use some desoldering braid there to clean them off and check the pads, and it looks like that capacitor next to the points is a little singed on the edge, but you'd need a multi-meter to actually test to see if it's fried.

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    Thanks man.Will get right on first thing tomorrow.

    Have a good one!


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