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Thread: HELP Needed. First Saber Prototype

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    Default HELP Needed. First Saber Prototype

    Hi there team,

    Just finally finished building my first prototype to test my wiring, etc. I have a luxeon endor 7007 Tri Rebel RGB LED wired to a crystal focus V8 board. I've wired the red LED (so I think) to the main die LED terminals and the blue and green to the PEx pads trying to complete color mixing without the color extender board.

    If anyone wants to verify the resistor's selected for the main LED I've used the following when designing the wiring:
    Blue 700mA 3.4V - run at 1000mA
    Red 700mA 2.4V - run at 700mA
    Green 700mA 3.4V - run at 1000mA.

    The issues I'm having is that the blue LED (wired to the PEx and NOT main die), is the primary LED turning on when I press the activating latching switch. In addition, the Red LED (wired to the main die LED terminal) on the board lights up during FoC activation by the aux mom. switch! I'm really confused what's happening. Turning the board on should only activate the main Die and not the PEx LED's right?

    I would appreciate anyone having a look a the wiring diagram:

    wiring diagram.jpg

    Do the two PEx pads have to be bridged? Do I still need 2512 SMD resistors even though I have external resistors utilized for each of the blue and green LED's? Maybe this is the problem??

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    Check the font config files for your drive values. I'd look at those before your wiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenXp View Post
    Check the font config files for your drive values. I'd look at those before your wiring.
    Thanks for the reply. The font files are the default values provided by Plector Labs when I purchased the card a few years ago. I havent modified this at all. If still I need to check the font files, what exactly should I be looking for? Any guidance is appreciated.



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    By default each font has different drive values, font one is drive=1023,0,0 font two is drive=0,1023,0 etc. Check to make sure the drive values and the flash on clash values are set correctly for the corresponding die color you want to be active. Example would be Red is on Channel 1, green on 2, and blue on 3 and you want a green blade you would set the drive to drive=0,1023,0. If setting you're drives how you want in the configs and you are still having issues then look at your wiring.


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