Dear TCSS,

We can do much better with neopixel tips.

PLEASE create a standard/short blade tip for neopixel (hollow, trans white). All you currently have available is the parabolic tip which is a bit big and distracting at the end of the blade, especially when it is not the same color/brightness as the tube (difficult because since styrofoam/diffusing doesn't extend into the tip), and let's be honest, it kind of ends up looking like a part of the male anatomy...

I think a standard short, blunt hollow blade tip would be great. Even if it is slightly a different color/brightness, the focus is still mainly on the blade and the tip doesn't draw attention to itself.

I ended up hollowing out one of your solid white blade tips with a dremel so that some light could come into it, and it isn't too bad. If made out of the trans white plastic, it could look even better.

Please consider this!