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Thread: Am I not thinking this through correctly?

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    Default Am I not thinking this through correctly?

    See pics here.

    Just got my first order from TCSS today (YAAAAAY), and was super excited to get started right away! I had done some measurements before ordering to make sure everything would fit ok, and I sent along a diagram to illustrate my planned build with my order. After putting everything together for test fitting, it looks like my chassis is too long for my hilt with two switches. The lower switch is blocked by the battery. If the switch holes were closer to the blade holder then there wouldn't be a problem, and it looks like there's room for them to have been put closer to the threads (I asked for them closer to the threads), but maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Is my chassis setup incorrectly?

    Am I putting the speaker mount in the wrong way somehow?

    Just trying to make sure I'm thinking through everything correctly before I panic. It seems to me that I have to find another place to put my recharge port (and attempt to drill a hole myself), or this hilt isn't going to work (maybe I need an extension or something, which I don't want to have to do.)

    Damn, I was really looking forward to building this tonight.

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    As was pointed out in the FB a group, removing the recharge port and possibly using a different speaker mount/metal locking disk option may help you out depending on which pommel you are using.
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