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Thread: neopixel blade breaking everything ?!

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    Default neopixel blade breaking everything ?!

    Hey guys, i decided to upgrade my graflex's blade to a neopixel blade. i also bought a new proffieboard v2.2 everything works good sound, sensors, power and aux buttons. the only problem is the blade. when the blade is connected nothing turns on. when the blade is removed everything works and if ill connect the blade while everything is working all stop and weird sound of a static tone is coming out from the speaker. first time it happend i thought someting is shorting the circuit in the blade so re-solder everything from the start. and then i checked the blade everything was working. then again using the blade with all the other components this weird tone is coming out the speakers and everything stops working.
    any suggestions?

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    im using Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery that i bought here in tcss.
    Do you have any other recommendation for another battery ?
    Master Jess

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    One of the 15A batteries. The protection circuit is kicking in for over current on your battery.

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    Thanks for your help ill order a new battery now and ill update
    Master Jess

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    Who built the blade? Have you tested it, to make sure it works in other neopixel sabers? If not, check on the target to see if you have any shorts. Probe outer and middle ring against one another in continuity tone mode. There should be no continuity between the outer and middle ring. THe center target is your data.

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