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Thread: MHSv1 Infinitely Adjustable Coupler Style 1

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    Default MHSv1 Infinitely Adjustable Coupler Style 1

    Is this a quick disconnect for say a double bladed lightsaber? Cause it looks like it might be? but I'm not sure?
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    No, it's meant to allow you to rotate the parts for alignment.

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    Ok drat, the shop doesnt sell anything like that do they?
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    No, in fact I haven't found a ready made quick disconnect coupler (well, one but it's not the same quality as what the shop has, and it's most likely not MHS compatible). Was planning on prototyping one when I get a 3D printer that would be MHS compatible. But that's a ways off. I do have a few ideas, there's a few types of connections that are set up as quick disconnect.

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    Te shop had prototypes of quick disconnect couplers. I don’t know what ever became of them past the prototypes.
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    I have one of those prototypes and the design is genius (both halves look identical apart which is unique to QD couplers I've seen in this hobby) but iirc the main problem is that aluminum, even CNC machined to Ace's excellent tolerances, is still a soft metal and over time repeatedly connecting and disconnecting it made it become loose. Mine loosened up after about 40 cycles. And nobody wants a 'floppy' saberstaff eh? So it never became a regular offering at TCSS.

    But hmmmm now that TCSS does anodizing I wonder if an anodized version of that QD coupler design might be adequately wear-resistant? And/or maybe machined from harder metal like brass or steel?

    It was indeed an 'elegant' solution for the "elegant weapon" if it could be made to work somehow.

    For a PERMANENT (doesn't come apart) saberstaff though the sound-vented infinitely adjustable coupler is just perfect and I recently retrofitted mine with it and its great for aligning the two sides; an excellent part for that purpose imo.
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    Yeah, aluminum wouldn't be a good fit for that kind of coupler. Even anodizing wouldn't really make it much better, that really only treats the surface but not the core. I'm betting you'd need to use steel or if you want a lighter part titanium. Which would be massively more expensive.


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