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Thread: Accent LEDs on a nano biscotti v4 help

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    Default Accent LEDs on a nano biscotti v4 help

    Hey guys and girls. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me with the wiring of accent leds on the nbv4. I wanted to know if you could do multiple accents with the board. I'd like one for a crystal chamber and another for the chassis effects. I looked at the manual for the sound board but it only talks about one led, not multiple. If anyone could give me some information one whether or not I can do it and maybe how to wire it up. Thanks alot.

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    Well, it depends on what you mean by chassis effects. I mean, assuming this is a HP LED type of saber you could hook the crystal chamber LED up to the same L1 and L2 pads to share with the HP LED, just make sure you add the proper resistor. As for chassis lighting, it depends on how complex you were planning on getting with it.

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    Nothing too complex. I was thinking just having another light at the base of the chassis for added effect. This is my second build and I'm trying to add more features each time I do one. Wasnt sure if I would have to run a second led in parallel with the crystal chamber or what.

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    Well, in pages 14&15 of the NBv4 manual (Haven't used that specific board, but plecter boards in general) You should be able to add in another LED depending on if you want one that is on when the kill key is removed, or one that is on when the blade is ignited. By that count you could actually add two, one that is a general power on light that shows the board is getting power, and another that turns on at blade ignition. Something more complex than that I would go with a PRIZM (if you can still find one) or CFX so you have a lot more options for accent lighting.

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    Ok thanks. That actually helps me out alot. I'll probably go with that. Having an led on when the board is powered up and one when the blade is ignited. That is again.


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