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Thread: Please take over my project!

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    Talking Please take over my project!

    Hello, I started a hilt some years ago, some of the work was beyond my ability. And my sabre has just sat dormant. I need someone willing to take over my project! I planned on making an EL wrapping on the grip. Someone please help!

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    EL hasn’t been used in ages. What does the hilt looks like and what are the electronics?
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    I just took a ton of photos, but the uploader is having some issues for me. And photo bucket is down

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    Wow, a PC v1.5 That was a while ago. I think I see where you were going with it, having EL wire go where the yellow bands are along the hilt?

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    Interesting...I actually thought about doing this exact same thing within the last year...exactly how you have it drilled and wrapped...

    I don't know much about the board you are using, but what issue are you running into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenXp View Post
    Wow, a PC v1.5 That was a while ago. I think I see where you were going with it, having EL wire go where the yellow bands are along the hilt?
    Yes sir, almost as old as a protosaber! The yellow bands are the EL wire threaded through kind of like a shoelace. The other bands that aren't yellow, I was going to put on black o rings. The LED for the blade is Amber. The EL wire needed a 3-volt driver which I can't find at the moment and couldn't figure out how to power it off of that little board. My soldering iron was very crude, The wire I had was solid and not very flexible, Long story short it's been on the shelf for years. This was my second sabre.

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    Awesome! I've never brought this to the forum before because I wanted to be the first to do it... Fast forward about 10 years... yeah lol still not done

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    Can't even find the old manual for the V1.5, though if I were to hazard a guess you would need to power the driver from a PEX that is hooked into one of the two accent LED pads or the 3.3v pad I see near that massive cap.
    Luckily Erv has a standard design style for his boards, I can actually figure out how to wire it just by looking it over.
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    No I totally get the unique aspect of it...the concept as a whole is awesome and I never thought I would see it in the wild! Your execution seems on the right track...perhaps patience wasn't and frustration and anger took over?

    Sadly, I am unfamiliar with that sound board and EL wire in general because I didn't dig into the concept.

    However, and I am just spit-balling here, it could potentially be possible with your current board and a secondary power source or its own switch? I would also like to think it is possible with a newer board and if not with the EL string possible and fiber optic thread lit by an accent led?? You can do ANYTHING at least once!

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