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Thread: Parts list check for fitment

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    Default Parts list check for fitment

    I'm new to the whole lightsaber building scene, but have wanted to build one myself for awhile. I finally decided to start pulling together the parts necessary to building it. right now i just want to make sure all my electronics fit inside the hilt and on the chassis or if it's too small also I'd like to see if there are any electronics/parts that I'm missing (aside from resistors and wires).
    Here's a list of the parts that I'm looking at:

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    The battery holder won't work with that battery, the holder is designed for 18650 batteries that don't have connectors on them. If you're planning on using a recharge port in the pommel you'll want a longer pommel as that one would most likely jam the contacts into the speaker. Also where are your activation switches?

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    I forgot to add the buttons in my wishlist, but I’m planning on getting 2 16mm AV switches, I was planning to take the hilt apart to access to the battery, how would place the battery I currently have in the chassis?

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    The speaker mount will house the battery just fine without the holder, if you want something more firm to hold it in place you could use velcro or foam, then use a T8 tube sleeve to protect it and the board on the opposite side. Are you planning on machining out the holes for those AV switches or are you planning on getting an activation box from the store?

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    I plan on using activation box 3, I thought I put it in the list but apparently not

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    You'll also need the 6-32 socket screws to secure the box to the hilt, and if you don't plan on doing the machining yourself you'll need the corresponding box mounting service. I will also offer a word of caution, that box 3 is pretty large, and the speaker mount you plan on using is about 5" tall. you might run into an issue of the electronics chassis running into AV buttons. Hang on, I'll see if I can do some quick measurements.

    Yep, there isn't enough room for both the AV switches and the chassis. I would recommend adding in a 4" Double female extension between the emitter and the main body for the activator box. This will give them enough room.
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    Wouldn’t that make the hilt really long?

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    about 13 inches, average is 10. you could always make a custom chassis instead of the premade one, that would be able to be fit into just the main body and still have room for the AV switches. I recommended the 4" because the style 3 box will not fit on a 3". Have you tried using the MHS builder to mess around with the design, there's a ruler at the bottom to help with rough measurement.

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    I’ll probably mount the av switches directly to the hilt then if it’ll save and inch and $22 and just drill the holes myself

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    Just keep in mind even the short AV switches take up half the interior of the hilt body where they are inserted.


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