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Thread: Quick super easy wiring question. Just need confirmation.

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    Default Quick super easy wiring question. Just need confirmation.

    I just got a Luxeon single LED. Nano Biscotte V4 Assembly (the whole package). It has dark, med, and light meat fonts.

    Everything works great. Yet, when i switch fonts (to #2 or #3 (disclaimer, it could be #1 and #2 or #3 and #1, just depends on how it came.) the saber ONLY flashes on impact - but there is sound the WHOLE time.

    Clarification: I hear a growl (growwwwwl) as #2 and a PACHINK (pachink!) as #3. then a SWHEEEESH (as #1) when it finally lights up the whole time.

    Im thinking i need to bridge the L1 to L2 and L3.

    Someone confirm my sanity or say, "no way!"

    Again, Everything works great. Sound font 1- perfect. But when i hold down and switch to font #2 and #3, it only flashes on clash. Should i bridge my + (or my neg?) on my LED to L2 and L3??

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    Check your configs first, make sure that the channel the LED is hooked up to is set to send power.

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    by channel do you mean the font?

    font 1 works as intended
    font 2 = sound + only flash on clash (no ambient light)
    font 3 = same as above.

    should i put the LED to L2 and L3 as well?

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    Stand by, let me do some referencing, haven't used a NB before and know the wiring and syntax is a little different than the Prizm board I'm used to.
    So in each sound bank you should see a config.txt, Assuming you wired your single HP LED to L1 the drive=X parameter in Bank 1 should look like drive=1024,0,0 as it does in the default package. This tells the board how much current to send to each channel, L1, L2, or L3. Go through the other two banks to make sure the drive= is set the same way as the working sound font. If that doesn't get it working, then look at your wiring.
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    OOOOh ok. Im waiting on my little SD reader to come. That makes perfect sense.

    I did download the NB files from plecter labs just to look, and i think you're on the money. There was a difference in drive= from 2 and 3 vs. 1.

    Thank you! I knew i missed something!

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    you also saved me from re-wiring everything, so thanks for that!!

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    Yeah, typically that's for color mixing if you have a RGB LED tri-cree you've have L1-Red, L2-Green, L3-Blue so you can have some flexibility. Or in some cases you would do like a red-red-white tri-cree you would have your red die's on L1 and L2 (for a brighter red saber blade) and use L3 for a white flash on clash. Though if you wanted to go RGB on a NB you would need to use a PEX for L3.

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    Right. Makes sense. I'm 99% sure its the config on the SD card. Once the reader comes in i'll take a look.

    Thank you so much!

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    This absolutely worked. it was, before:
    bank 1 - drive = 1023,0,0
    bank 2 - drive = 0,1023,0
    bank 3 - drive = 0,0,1023

    i changed them all to 1023,0,0

    Thank you!

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