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    Default Work mats?

    What do you guys use for work surfaces when working on your sabers? I really like the green mat that Madcow uses in his videos, and I've also seen some interesting solder mats, with room for tools and parts and such. I'd like something that I can solder, Dremel, etc. on.


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    You can get ones like Madcow’s at any hobby or craft store. The mat in the store is fine for soldering.
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    I was looking at some mats from Michael's craft store, but they looked to be intended for fabric cutting. Will something like that stand up to what I'll be using it for?

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    Those mats aren’t for fabric alone. They are “self healing” which means if you are cutting something and cut through to the mat the kerf in the May will close up. Some do better than others but if it’s a thick blade and deep cut it may not totally close.

    so in short, they are good for a lot of things and a lot of people use them.
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    I think the one that you see in most of the videos is an Alvin Cutting Mat. Available all over in lots of sizes...I have the 24x36” and it’s great.


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