Hi, I'm working on a saber and am new to incorporating electronics into my props. I want to make an indigo blade and be able to change to green. So far I'm thinking of using a rB/rB/dR tri-cree. I would also like to be able to unplug the red cree with a quick release (so I can swap in a photon green blade.) Will this complicate things and require battery swaps?

-This is for a stunt saber, so no sound card and a 15-20 in blade. Iím trying to figure out how to wire this. I hear some people chain the LEDs to a buckpuck but I got the impression that this means a much higher voltage battery is required than if I resist each die separately. Is this the case?
-I ask because Iíve been debating between a buckpuck or resistors and trying to decide what kind of battery I will need to be able to power the three LEDs and an accent light and be able to install a recharge port. Is the quick release dR die viable and will it change the battery required?
-If I understand correctly, if using resistors, I can use a 3.7 Li-Ion. If I using a buckpuck, even a 7.4v Li-Ion won't be enough to power the whole tri-cree plus accent. Is this correct?

For the specific parts I was looking at:

-2x Royal Blue Cree Part# XPEBRY-L1-0000-00S01
650mW Minimum Radiant Flux @ 350mA
Forward Voltage @1000mA = 3.4v

-1x Deep Red Cree Part# XPEEPR-L1-0000-00C01
425 Radiant Flux @ 350mA
Forward Voltage @1000mA = 2.5v

-7.4v Li-ion 2600mAh 18650 Battery Pack

-JST Sony Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 15A 3120mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery