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Thread: Saber Refit with CFX and RGB and custom chasis

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    Could be the paper you are using, also could be the quality of the toner. I bought some cheap toner once and it did not adhere to the part very well. It also could be the method of paper removal. For cylindrical parts, after I remove the part from the oven, using oven mitts I immediately roll it on a cookie sheet while applying downward force. I don't know if this is necessary but it seems like it could help. I then let the part soak in water overnight and remove the paper by rubbing it with my thumb, usually with the part submerged. This step is from the online tutorials I've read. Since toner is plastic, not ink, it usually stays on the part when you rub the wet paper off. If you are unable to submerge the part, you may need to go the vinyl sticker route. Mind you this if for glossy magazine paper. I do not know what the requirements are for removing PCB paper.
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    From Wikipedia: "Internet Explorer slows down GIFs if the framerate is 20 frames per second or higher and Microsoft reports that Google Chrome and Safari also slow down some GIF animations."


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