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Thread: nbv4.1 & neopixel wiring help

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    Question nbv4.1 & neopixel wiring help

    First post here, and I'm also a beginner builder. I bought the pre-wired NBV4.1 from TCSS, on the product page it reads that the pinouts are as follows

    ** Positive (+)
    ** Negative (-)
    ** Activator switch
    ** Channel 1 (-)
    ** Channel 2 (-)
    ** Channel 3 (-)
    ** NeoPixel Data

    I have two positive, two negative, and a data connection coming off of the hilt adapter for the blade. I have no recharge port, and I have a non-illuminated AV switch. I know for sure that the board is functional, as i tested it before connecting the neopixel parts.

    I don't know what I am missing! I feel like I've read the instructions 100 times!

    I'll include a basic diagram of what I have so far, I apologize for the quality (I did it in paint).
    wiring diagram.jpg

    Any and all help would be so much appreciated! This is stressing me out to the max :/

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    Not sure if the issue is on my end, but your diagram is thought to read...small and blurry. Assuming your battery is wired as it doesn’t look like it is in the picture. Did you test your activation switch before connecting to the board (multimeter using resistance.) also always makes sense to reformat the sd card and download the latest Package from plecter labs website. Mod is as you see fit after making sure that all is good with the default.

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