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Thread: R.I.C.E. Port Ground Wire Question

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    Default R.I.C.E. Port Ground Wire Question

    Planning out my upcoming build. I've got the parts ordered and everything planned except for one questions. In the CFX manual, the section on wiring the RICE port suggests connecting the ground to the battery pack negative instead of the board negative. To clarify, this means I should wire the ground of the RICE port to the battery pack negative wire BEFORE that wire reaches the Recharge Port, correct? Or does this just mean to connect it to the board at the Negative "Power Supply Pad" labelled on the board, rather than the pad labelled GND(Ground)?

    Also, this portion of the manual purports to be a precaution against a killkey/recharge port bypass in the case of a jack with a metal housing being used. Does the "metal jack" refer to the RICE port, or the Recharge Port? Also, do the respective ports sold by TCSS have metal or plastic housing per the manual instructions?

    Maybe I'm overthinking all this, but its the only part of the wiring for my build that I don't understand inside and out, and my lack of certainty has been gnawing at me.

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    You wire to the battery negative. The metal versus plastic refers to the two different types of RICE ports that are(were?) sold in the store. Of course, you *could* save yourself trouble IF you plan well enough to have access to the back of CFX where the SD card is, and where the little mini USB port is. If you get a small enough cable, you could use that for RICE as well.
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    Awesome, thanks! That answers the last of my questions!

    Definitely will not have room to access the USB port without entirely disassembling my chassis... which kinda defeats the point of R.I.C.E.

    Thanks for your help!

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