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Thread: Tier 2 Electronics Kit Card Configuration

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    Default Tier 2 Electronics Kit Card Configuration

    I should be receiving my Tier 2 Electronics Kit today, and I was wondering what all I need to do before I try to turn it on. The store page says I need to configure the card that comes with it before I use it, but I was wondering if that is required if I initially want to try it out with the light/grey/dark meat fonts that come pre-installed. I've read the users manual, but it reads like you are installing new fonts right off the bat. I guess a simplified version of what I'm trying to ask is is the kit ready to use out of the box, and if not, what do I need to do to make it ready?

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    By configured it probably means that the SD card either comes blank or only has the default starter profiles/fonts that come with the NB. if it's blank you can get the default package from the plecter labs website in a download and use that as your base. If it's got the defaults then by configure I can only think it means making sure the profiles are set up correctly to not send too much current to your Tri-cree dies.

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    Te cars comes with fonts and a standard configuration. Depending on where int he hilt you install the card will depend on how well the cars will work/respond. You can tune it from there.
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