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    Hello everyone, first post!

    Dad and I decided to start a Father-Son project and build a lightsaber, and we're almost ready to pull the trigger and order our parts. He's extremely well versed in electronics, mechanics, and pretty much everything really (growing up he was always tinkering with stuff, and before I was born he was a pipefitter welder and head of a large government IT department), and I wanted to mention that in case anyone is worried about this being a more intense first build. We're going to be using a CFX board, two 12mm AV switches, an RGB Tri-Cree LED, a Stealth V2 28mm Speaker, a Panasonic 18650 battery, and a recharge port. I will be posting a preliminary build post to check in with you guys before I order, just to make sure we've thought of everything. Before that, however, I have a specific question:

    As far as wiring these LED switches to the board, I'm a little stumped on how exactly to go about it. I'm using 2x 12mm Blue AV Switches, with a 82ohm 1/4W resistor for each. According to the manual, I can either use 0603 resistors to bridge the pads, or use a normal in-line resistor and just bridge the pad with a solder joint. We're leaning towards the second method, although are open to sourcing 0603's from somewhere (where's best?) if it's super recommended. However, looking at the manual, I'm a little confused about the top and bottom of the board. It recommends using the ground pad on the board and then use an 0603 or solder joint on the top footprint. However, the diagram just above this paragraph shows the top AND bottom footprint being used.

    Switch Wiring CFX.jpgSwitch Wiring CFX 2.jpg

    Do I need to bridge both the top AND bottom pad (which makes little sense to me), or is that diagram a little wonky and basically just telling me I can do either or?

    My understanding of this is to use in-line resistors, wire the switches to the ACT and AUX pads, the 1 and 2 Accent LED pads, bridge the top footprints for Accent LED pads 1 and 2 with solder, and run a ground for both switches to the ground pad. I would be ignoring the bottom of the board entirely.

    Is this correct, or am I missing the mark? Sorry if this is obvious, just a little confused on our end.

    Cheers, and MTFBWY!

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    I answered this in the FB group where you asked. You bridge the top side only for external LEDs.
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    Awesome. Thank you so much! I think that was the last of my questions before posting the schematics, so I'll make a new pre-build post very soon.

    Thanks again for answering that, it was giving me such a headache! I wish that section of the manual was a little more clear.


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