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Thread: Please help me with picking right led driver

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    Default Please help me with picking right led driver

    Hi all,
    I have never used a LED driver, but now in my new project i need it. I need to pick the right driver for this led:
    for the red one - here is specs:
    Deep Red Cree Part# XPEEPR-L1-0000-00C01
    425 Radiant Flux @ 350mA
    Forward Voltage @1000mA = 2.5v

    Recommend me right driver please or tell me necessary specification of driver.
    Thanks a lot

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    So, wait do you mean you're going to have all three as the deep red dies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenXp View Post
    So, wait do you mean you're going to have all three as the deep red dies?
    Hi, I didnīt understand properly what do you mean - yes, all three emitters on that "star" are deep red.

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    Are you just building a stunt saber (no sounds/effects)? It's capable of 1000ma, so that is what you would use, or 750 if you want it to run cooler and have better battery life. You need a driver for each LED if you are using a 3.7V battery, or you can wire everything in series for a 7.4v battery.

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    Not stunt, battle saber no sound, just if I understand correctly - with 3,7V battery I can wire led emitters in serial order with one driver or resistor (so I count resistance for 750-1000mA) or in parallel order with 3 drivers or resistors(counted 3 resistors, each for 250ma), is it right?

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    If serial you will need a 7.4v.

    A saber with no electronics, just an LED is what we call a stunt saber.

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    Yeah, I ment 7,4 7,4 for parallel of course I was thinking about english and have written bull****
    Interesting - I thought that drivers are used mainly because multi-emitter LEDs. What is advantage of driver then? In my point of view is just the same as resistor.

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    Driver gives constant current no matter what the voltage, resistor just limits the current based on a specific voltage. If you calculate your resistor at 3.7v you will get much higher current at full charge (4.2v), then less as the battery decreases.

    Parallel - 3.7v and 3 drivers, one for each LED
    Serial - 7.4v and 1 driver


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