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Thread: K4 Saber Kit Durability

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    Default K4 Saber Kit Durability

    I am looking at getting the beautiful k4 kit. I want to be able to use so ething this style for display, dueling, and wearing occasionally. However, is it rated for that?


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    Hi ToljaKitac

    That looks like a real nice kit!

    For costuming & display it would awesome; but for duelling I’d be concerned about the fact that it is a “thin-neck” kit (meaning it is screen accurate but not as beefy as a duelling saber). That being said I’m not sure how much duelling it would stand up too as I don’t personally own one. Hopefully someone who does will chime in.

    Also; people often mean different things when they say the word “dueling”. For me all it usually means is swinging the ignited lightsaber around wildly hoping no one sees me.... I think this saber kit would be fine for that. If you are going up against friends or even getting into duelling proper you may want to look into an actual duelling saber. There are many in this style - heck the MHS version itself is pretty nice.

    - Steve

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    I own this one as well as the LS6 thin necks...I would be less concerned about the thin neck for “light dueling” and more concerned that these hilts don’t offer much depth for blade retention. I would be comfortable with light dueling (playing around with my 6 year old with light contact) if you use an adapter to extend the contact area with the blade (ie a metal sleeve around a 7/8 blade that extends up over the top of the emitter cup by .5-.75”. Also, the k4 does offer a bit more depth than prior thin necks.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks for your responses! Inwill look around and see what i can find. If i do se my eyes on getting this kit, what steel might be reccommeneded for reeinforcing the neck from within.

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    Hi ToljaKitac

    I’ve seen “lamp rods” used to reinforce small diameter areas like that’s before. It’s ideal because they are hollow; allowing wiring to be routed to the emitter end without too much messing around. You need to be able to bore a 1/2” hole for them to fasten through though - nut sure what the diameter of that brass piece on the K4 is. They come in all different lengths and can be cut to what you need with a hacksaw/bandsaw/grinder. Make sure you get the nuts to go with it unless you want to thread each end; its listed as 1/8-IP thread if you want to thread.

    - Steve

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    The ID of the K4 brass neck is really tiny so I don't think there is room to put anything in there for reinforcement. I've sparred with my nephew a few times but nothing with any kind of force. I expect that the brass would snap if subjected to much of anything, if the blade stays seated that is. Kits like this and the LS6 just aren't meant for contact.


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