2019 was a great year!

We have been thankful to witness the sense of accomplishment that many of you have achieved on your first build and the smile that follows the first press of the switch.

15 years ago we started out with the goal to provide everyone the opportunity to think outside of the box and build a saber with their own vision. We do feel like that goal has been met but there is so much more that can be done. 2020 is already heating up to be an exciting year! We appreciate the trust you have had in us to make your saber dreams come true.

Some things we have planned 👇

- The expansion of BOTH MHS lines is a top priority for us. We have more complex parts in the pipeline to really spice up those builds.
- A complete website redesign is in the works to make navigating and sourcing parts easier.
- A new 3D MHS parts builder is in development.
- We have some ideas in R&D that will make install experiences much better. (almost too easy)
- The first official TCSS hilt run is in the works.

--This list may seem small but this is only a sneak peek at some confirmed things happening this year and some sooner than you may think--

We may be a small shop but the sky is the limit with the MHS system and we aim to prove it and have a healthy agenda ahead. The TCSS from 15 years ago is evolving and if it was not for all of you supporting us through all these years, we would not be here to witness all of the good that this hobby has provided. We pioneered the "Build your own Saber" modular parts system and we intend to push it even further. As we leave 2019 and the previous 15 years in the rear view mirror, the road ahead is going to be much more exciting. We hope you all have enjoyed the ride as much as we have.

As always, from our family to you and yours, we hope you all had a fun and safe New Years Eve and have an amazing 2020 ahead!

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