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Thread: Parts list/build check. Small stunt saber, and electronics beginner.

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    Default Parts list/build check. Small stunt saber, and electronics beginner.

    Hey, I’m designing my first saber and trying to keep it pretty small. I practice a martial art that uses many smaller sized swords and aim to try and keep this aesthetic for my lightsabers.
    I am a prop fabricator but have have no lightsaber making/no electronics experience yet.
    I’ve been researching but want to see if my build plans/parts lists make sense before moving ahead.

    Parts List

    1" Hilt safety plug - Style 3
    "Corbin style" Battle blade 1" OD

    MHSV1 Blade Holder Style 19
    Tonfa MHS adapter (sink pipes will be screwed on for a hand guard)
    8-32 x 3/8" Brass thumb screw
    .875" OD Heatsink module with center hole
    18deg Tri-Rebel/Cree Star Lens
    Custom Tri-Cree LED with modified base
    Star thermal tape pad - Tri LED

    MHS deep ribbed extension style 2
    Machine recessed 16mm AV switch hole
    Bezel for illuminated switches
    16mm Anti Vandal Latching Blue Ring Switch
    Brass 4-40 Hex nut x4
    Acrylic Chassis Disc for MWS BuckPuck - S7 (Blue)
    MWS BuckPuck 1000mA
    Acrylic Chassis Disc for NB/18500 1.15 ID parts - S11 (Blue)
    Brass 4-40 Hex nut x8
    7.4v Li-ion 2600mAh 18650 Battery Pack

    MPS Pommel style 3 v2
    MPS Clip
    3/4" D-Ring or MPS insert style 12
    Acrylic Chassis Disc for Recharge Port - S8 (Blue)
    Brass 4-40 Hex nut x4
    1/2" Anodized Black Aluminum 3/16" OD spacer
    MWS Recharge Port
    Kill plug style 5 - Brass
    Stainless 4-40 all thread x2 (going up to emitter level)
    Super Lube Synthetic Grease

    7.4V Li-ion smart charger with 2.1mm plug
    8-32 Tap & drill set
    Tap handle

    Still trying to figure out what all I need.

    This is what I'm trying to achieve with this parts.

    -Roughly 20 inches showing. (I know I will need to cut this further myself. I will use a PVC cutter with a firm brace inside so the blade does not warp.)
    -Mirrored parabolic tip.
    -Strongest possible dueling blade. (Thick walled. Either corbin style or thick walled photon)
    -Bright full blade (thinking of using a tri-cree with rB/rB/dR for an indigo blade with quick disconnect on the red (for changing to the photon blade.)
    -Extending and retracting light (considering a corbin style dual diffused “battle” blade. I am afraid of breaking a neopixel)
    —Buckpuck 1000mA Buck Puck LED driver (for the corbin effect)

    -MHS construction.
    -Roughly 8 inches (fitting electronics may be tricky).
    -No sound.
    -Hand guard (attaching a a tonfa connector to the emitter, and curved hardware store pipes to that, so i have a bar covering my knuckles.
    -12mm latching activator switch with bezel.
    -Hand stop near/on pommel.

    Things I would like the option of adding in the future:
    -Color changing. (I need a sound card?)
    -Color mixing (i need a sound card with color extender?)
    -Shimmer and pulsing (need a sound card?)
    -Flash on clash (i need a sound card?)
    -Curved hilt part towards the bottom.
    -Chassis crystal (I would love to eventually build a sliding section that i could open to reveal a crystal chamber, or just have one as part of my chassis if there is room).

    Please let me know if I’m ridiculously off base in any of this plan so far or if parts need to be changed Here is the parts list of everything I thought to use so far:

    Here is also a link. My "wishlist" is currently just the parts list for this if that makes it easier to look at.
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