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Thread: NB v4 settings

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    You’d likely have to wire it yourself, since there aren’t many (if any) out there in the wild. It’s not that easy, or fun, and you have to wire in the proper PCB/mosfets, etc to get the amp drain that you need, and then shrink wrap the whole thing. I remember when we mostly made our own packs way back when. It wasn’t fun, and I was very happy when Tim started offering the premade stuff.
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    Sorry for the multiple post for those who get notifications, I have been on the road and went to make and edit to my spelling or grammar and it would delete this response:

    FJK thank you for the answer. I didn't expect it to be easy, often the better things never are! I just had to ask because I have done so much research on and drafting of the concept, but lack the experience on the matter. I have only built two NBIV sabers using the battery holders sold in the store. However, I purchased the batteries from my local Radio Shack and I believe they are just a few mm too short to withstand medium dueling without a reset. I am ordering a handful from TCSS to see if it solves my problem (the Nightcore batter from my work flashlight did, but I need that for work!).


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