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Thread: First crack - All-in unnamed saber

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    Default First crack - All-in unnamed saber

    Alright, I don't do things by half measures so rather than going the NB4 simple route, I'm going Neopixel with a CFX. God help me...

    Pommel style 12
    Insert style 1
    Hilt style 1 (7" plain)
    Short choke style 1
    Blade holder style 12
    Switch Box 19 (with mounting holes service in the hilt)
    18" sleeve for carving a shroud and acid etching - because why not?!

    Saber Essentials 28mm stealth speaker
    Black momentary switch (switch20)
    16mm Anti vandal momentary RGB
    Recharge port
    Acebeam 21700 5100mAh protected battery (already have... buttoned, will have to solder wires)

    2x Neopixel strips (already have)
    Foam tube for 1" thick tube
    1" thick walled parabolic tip
    1" thick walled Polycarbonate tube
    1" thick walled blade adapter
    330 ohm SMD resistor
    V2 NeoPixel PCB and pin set (7 pin)
    NeoPixel hilt side adapter (the one specified for MHSv1 is sold out and has been for a bit - will the 1" adapter (1NPC) work?)

    Obviously, wire and heatshrink, all in my shop already.

    For the chassis, I have a 3d printer, and plan on using the open source chassis found on Thingiverse by tbenen (as referenced on TRA) - but this could be a mistake, and would love some input.If it's not viable, then I'd have to ponder chassis disks and 4-40 rods.

    Feedback or yelling at me about what I'm missing on the above is welcomed and appreciated. I'd love to get this ordered up ASAP since I'm off for two weeks over the holidays, and could actually get cracking on it!

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    No edits? Pulling the trigger today!


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