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Thread: Acid Etching over a seam?

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    Default Acid Etching over a seam?

    I'm finally getting back to a project that sat dormant for about 2 years. It is going to have some acid etching. I've already done a saber in the past that had etching, and I experienced some success with the process. However, in this new project, I'm considering doing something that I'm not sure will work, so I wanted to ask the community.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to do the etching over a seam between 2 MHS pieces, like in the image shown:
    etching over seam.jpg

    The blue is a random example of an etch area as it would go from the Choke to the Emitter. Is this a big no-no? Is it likely that the acid would seep into the seams between the 2 pieces (which would be very undesirable). Or is it considered a tight enough fit that it should keep the acid from getting into the seam....allowing for a smooth etch between the 2 pieces without mucking it up?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I would be worried. But its pretty easy to test. Just put the hilt in water for a period of time, take it out, dry the exterior, crack the thread and check.
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    Good idea on the water test, thanks

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    Another option might be to grease or oil the threads and then screw the parts together... if the acid is unable to eat through them that is. If it can, this may still be a viable option for saltwater elctro-etching.

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    Another option would be to apply your mask, cut along the seams, separate the parts, then mask off the rest of the exposed parts.

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    I second jbkuma's advice. I've done acid etching on some non-saber items before. I've had my acid seep into areas that were watertight, and cause etching in unwanted areas.
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