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Thread: Me building my first saber. Xd

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    Default Me building my first saber. Xd

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    Not sure what printer you picked up for 200, but I was in the same boat, I wanted to design the wiring solution rather than follow instructions. Takes as long to create the stl as it does to build the saber, but I think it’s more fun.

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    I got the anycubic i3 mega for 179. And then spent another 100 on upgrade parts.

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    Getting a 3D printer honestly changed so much for me in terms of plans for saber upgrades/designs and that was something I only just realized a month or two ago after having one for almost a year.. I already had a stunt saberstaff and a Prizm saber for a couple years before getting a CR-10. And then in my prizm saber several of my acrylic chassis discs shattered while in the saber, and instead of ordering more, I completely designed my own chassis (using only the 4-40 rods and speaker mount in shop) and it works beautifully. Was fairly easy, and would have been easier if I wasnt so adamant about not breaking wires or resoldering stuff, so all of my parts had to be installed while all still wired up.

    Now im upgrading my saberstaff to have a CFx and im just designing my own internal chassis from scratch... I like 3D modeling so i find it relaxing to do when I get home from work lol.

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    I got a 3d printer last year and have been slowly working on designing crystal chamber parts for my build which I just ordered $140 in external parts for.
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