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Thread: CFX Crystal Chamber LEDs not working

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    Default [SOLVED] CFX Crystal Chamber LEDs not working

    Hi all,

    I have my first CFX board I'm doing an install with. I got about everything up and running accept the crystal chamber using 3 of the PWM pads (Ch.1 = R, Ch.2 = G, Ch. 3 = B) on the underside of the board and the negative lead is connected to the negative side of the board (right next to the USB port, same as the recharge port).
    I'm using a common cathode RGB LED ( Amazon: EDGELEC 100pcs 5mm RGB Tri-Color (Red Green Blue Multicolor) 4Pin LED Diodes Common Cathode ). The red has a 12-ohm resistor inline and the green and the blue each have a 68-ohm resistor inline. The Red does not activate at all, I tested it with a power supply and it is working. I also checked the pad with a multimeter between the CH.1 pad and the LED Red lead and it gave me 12 Ohms of resistance. The green and blue turn on and stay lit; they do not change status when the saber is ignited nor do they show flash on clash or flickering, just a solid blue-green color combination. My Shtok connector pixels and blade light up. Sound and buttons work as well.

    The only config.txt item I changed is ledstrip=109. When I use R.I.C.E., I cannot affect the chamber at all, using any color in any color picker. There was a brief time where changing the blade color would affect blue and green but I think that was before I changed the ledstrip setting to something other than 0.

    Please, infinitely wise forum members, help this padawan fix his crystal chamber.

    Edit: Erv said in the FX-Sabers forum, in short, don't use the PWM pads for the crystal chambers, use the Accent pads 5-7 for RGB. in the Font folder for each you will need to change the leds.txt to [LEDS] accent=aaaa123a, for example, to mirror the main blade.
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    I would follow Erv’s advice. When using neo setups, you can use the accent LEDs, not just 5-7, I believe 2 as well, and have them mirror the main colors. I have done this many times and 2 times already on CFX. Bridge the smd pads next to the accent you will use and then set the config file as Erv indicated. The manual is very specific in this regard, and very easy to follow. For this setup, you run the positives from the rgb leads in the crystal to the chosen accent pad and the ground from the crystal to the board ground at the end of the accent pads.

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