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Thread: Neopixel Blade Durability Test take 2

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    Default Neopixel Blade Durability Test take 2

    Can you duel with a neopixel lightsaber blade? Are they tough enough for events like The Saber Legion hosts? I know most say: NO. I say yes, and so do the tests I ran. This blade in this saber is TCSS 1" Thick-Walled with thick walled diffuser tube, 7/8" foam, and 3535 strips. I heatshrunk the strips, wrapped them in cellophane until they were tight going into the foam, then wrapped the outside of the foam with more cellophane until it was tight inside the strip diffuser tube from TCSS. I used the round tip on this one (WISH TCSS HAD A PARABOLIC TIP FOR THICK WALLED), but I think this blade construction is pretty darn good. I also hardened the electrical connections to the strips. I do my strips the way KR did. Common data across staggered strips, grabs data pads on both.

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    Which tip do you want exactly? We have multiple Parabolic tips for thick wall..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strydur View Post
    Which tip do you want exactly? We have multiple Parabolic tips for thick wall..
    Well, this one, but hollowed out like the ones available for the 1" thin-walled blades:

    Thanks Tim, I think with those hollow parabolic tips, we can build one heckofa strong neopixel blade with stock from your inventory. I do not like the 3D Printed ones. I like yours, they look better, and blend more seamlessly with the blade. I had been using your old transwhite round tips (like on this blade), and hollowing them out myself, which is a pain. These are the tips that weren't very translucent, but when hollowed out, they work OK, but not as well as your parabolic hollow tips for thin walled blades. Those hollow parabolic tips blade match perfectly, diffuse excellently, and are absolutely perfect as they are, but you don't have one for thin-walled neopixel blades.


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    Doh! I was looking in thick-walled section and not in "neopixel" supplies. I guess you already have it. Maybe just list in in both places?

    Here is the one I want, will be ordering some!


    TCSS rules, my apologies for being a dummy. :0


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