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    So its been a minute. I decided to get a CFX to install into my hilt that needs an upgrade. I am of course reading the manual (3rd time) now. As I see in the manual the part about power supply is not so clear to me.
    So I would like clarity on this questions,
    I may use a 3.7v or a 7.4v lit-ion battery as I wish, I only need to resistor it approiate?
    I may do the above with a multi colored LED?

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    Did you ever get your answer?
    I was under the impression that you were correct in that we can use a 3.7 or 7.4 as long as we resistor it properly, but no one has confirmed nor denied this so I'm guessing it's true.
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    It will depend on what you are planning to use as the light source. You’ll likely be best off using a 3.7V 18650.
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