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Thread: Blade Side Adapter Question

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    Default Blade Side Adapter Question

    I am working on my neopixel build and just got the hilt side adapter for the PCB but it does not stay in.

    Parts I have are:

    MHSV2 Blade Holder Style 8
    MHS V2 Choke Style 1
    1" NeoPixel Hilt Side Adapter V2

    Shouldn't the Hilt Side adapter lock in place between the choke and the blade holder? It just slides out the front. Is there a piece I am missing?

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    I believe the only one that locks in place is this one but it is for MHS V1

    For the one you have you could do a set screw or reverse set screw set up to hold it in place. I've done it, Vader's Vault does it and many others have done it this way. It works well.
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    I believe you are missing the 1 aluminum can, as shown below.
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    Nice! I didn't see that. That would definitely be better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgetful Jedi Knight View Post
    I believe you are missing the 1” aluminum can, as shown below.
    Ahh. Thank you. I'll add it to my next order.


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