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Thread: Help! my NBV4 won't stop clashing

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    Default Help! my NBV4 won't stop clashing

    Hello there.
    As the title suggests, I just got a new NBV4 and i wired it all in correctly. Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy for me when I build sabers.
    So here's the problem. I turn it on and it instantly it starts clashing. No movement. It just clashes. I tried disconnecting the LEDs and it still is there. I'm soooo confused!

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    Post high quality, close up photos of the board, both top and bottom.

    Is your battery charged? Is your board secure from ambient vibration?
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    Also, is the battery fully charged?
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    You should definite post the pictures and check the battery, per the other feedback, but given that you did not mention your hclash setting, I am concerned that you didn't full read the NB4 manual from Erv's site. I found with my NB installs that they required higher hclash values than similar Prism or CF installs. Check out the manual, as the NB one is short, and then bump up your hclash value, and possibly your gate as well if you are also getting phantom swing sounds.

    Also, if your card is right on top of the speaker and not adequately secured to the chassis, you will still experience these issues despite your config settings....or you will bump up the motion thresholds to the point that you wont get a swing or clash when you actually want one.

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    I was on vacation and could post pictures. I looked over the board and nothing looks out of place. I checked the micro sd and all the settings are normal and within parameters. I haven’t even installed the card into a saber yet so it isn’t about me moving the card. I’ll post pictures after this. I also used another micro sd that works on another nbv4 and was having the same problem.
    And it's not the battery. I tried two different fully charged batteries.
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    IMG_1093 2.jpg
    There was a problem uploading so the link has all three pictures.


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