The first two styles of our infinitely adjustable coupler are now in-stock and ready for MHSv1 builds! Eight included screws will allow you to fine tune and securely lock in the alignment of any female threaded parts.

ˢᵗʸˡᵉ 👉
ˢᵗʸˡᵉ 👉

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- When we were in the process of completing some of the DF4GR's, we decided to offer another style without the grooves. Link 👉
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- The final addition to the MHS v1 lineup this time around is Blade Holder Style 31 👉
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- With the addition of the new parts, we were thinking of what else could be provided to help our customers achieve a unique build and we have now started to offer Black Anodizing as a service with more colors to be offered in the future. All the services can be found right here 👉

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- Another change that you will be starting to notice in the coming months is we are going to begin offering Dean micro connectors alongside our JST lineup of items. The first product would be the new style of the Sony 15A High Drain batteries 👉
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- The last three are some basic additions that have been requested and we finally made it around to offering. We have now started to carry 1.3mm recharge ports alongside 2.1mm adapters to utilize our existing chargers. A high amp kill switch is now also available for those builds that do not want to utilize a kill key.

For everyone who did (and didn't) make it to the end of this post, we just want to take a moment to thank everyone for the continued support throughout all these years and we have some exciting plans ahead for the MHS systems. Stay tuned and thank you again for supporting us as the one stop shop for all your saber needs!