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Thread: Korbanth k4v2 thin neck led blade setup

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    Default Korbanth k4v2 thin neck led blade setup

    long time lurker first time poster I have a korbanth k4v2 thin neck or course, I am not sure if I want to go neo-pixel yet. Is there a way to do a traditional blade setup?
    can I do a 7/8 tri-cree heatsink setup and then set the 1 inch (modified) blade over that? I think I have seen this before some where. I am using a cf8 and single cell hack if this helps. I appreciate all comments thank you.

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    I am about to do the k4 as well and am going neo. I just built a korbanth ls6 and did tri Cree using the TCSS adapter, which worked great. You might be able to use the same adapter with some mods to fit a slightly different neck. For mine, I will use a neo blade side adapter for the hilt side so that it sits very low in the emitter cup. I would love it if we could buy the metal adapter you mentioned on TCSS as I believe it would make a more secure fit given the low depth...have only seen one they make for carbon fiber.

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    Thank you I found a custom heatsink on etsy, I will have to slightly modify the emitter to use it. Thank you


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