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Thread: CFX Accent LED bridge question

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    Doing my second CFX...the first, in a DV6, turned out outstanding. On my current build, I wired entirely on the bottom of the board. I bridged the accent SMD pads, and am not receiving power to my LEDs in my CC. Reread Ervís manual and he says that the bridge needs to be done on the top side, but the diagrams show a bridge on top and bottom. I was under the impression that the top and bottom bridges were connected and doing either would achieve the same result. I have done this 10 times, but possibly always top side wiring. Can anyone clarify? Wonít be too big of a deal to try the other side, but everything is very neat and tight, and I will have to desolder most of the board to get to the other side. Thanks in advance for the knowledge!

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    Update - So this was just me being uneducated on the new board. Most pads can be accessed from the top or bottom, but it appears that the SMD pads for the accent LEDs are side specific. I was wiring the bottom of the board so that the SD card was facing up...I bridged the pads, and it didn't work. Upon another read of the manual, the bottom smds bridge to the ground and the top bridge to input (guessing maybe Erv designed so that we can use a common anode LED?) Bridged to side and all is well! The board is amazing, and also much smaller, so that it can fit in just about any build...thanks to Erv and TCSS for making these available to us!


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