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    Morning all!

    I have always lurked on the forums but never posted so Im breaking my cherry on you all right now lol. I have a saber that the recharge port needed to be replaced ( which I have done ) and I found that the SD card has become corrupted and I have a new one ready ( the Nano Biscotte v4 is fine )to go however I decided since I have the saber apart that I will upgrade from a Tri-Cree to a Neopixel. I already have the 2 strip blade built and have the hilt side PCB soldered up and ready to attach, I just have to do some metal work to attach it. My questions are does anyone have a decent wiring diagram for attaching the 7pin pcb to my Nano Biscotte V4 and I need help on what I have to put on the SD card to have my 3 fonts or whatever as I have never done that part before.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to the forum. There are good wiring diagrams for wiring up the NBIV to a neopixel connector in the manual. I would suggest you upgrade to either single strand of stranded 22AWG or Dual Strands of 26AWG for your neopixel supply (pos and negative) so that you get full power (amps) to your strips. Most of us used smaller 28/30 gauge wires on tricree setups, and tricrees just don't draw the amps that neopixels can draw. If you use too thin of a gauge wire, there will significant dimming of your blade toward the tip.


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    While I have the board out should I replace the other wires as well or only what Im installing for the PCB?


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    I would always start fresh. If the switch wires are fine, leave them alone, but the rest of the wires, I'd start anew.


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