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Thread: [NJ] Vineland Public Library Fan Con#2 2019 October 20 Free Event

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    Default [NJ] Vineland Public Library Fan Con#2 2019 October 20 Free Event

    The Vineland Public Library's 2nd annual Free Fan Con October 20th, 2019 11 am- 4 pm 1058 E. Landis Avenue Vineland NJ 08360. Free Community Event. There will be Comics,Car, Panels, Food trucks, Cosplay and more. It would be greatly appropriated if everyone could spread the word throughout the galaxy and please share their facebook They have hosted the 501st and the Philadelphia cosplayers and have provided them changing rooms. If interested in being apart of the Con or for more information please contact Kelly Reeves by phone 856-794-4244 ext. 4795 or email

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    Me and my brother will be doing a lightsaber building workshop, we will also be doing a Lightsaber giveaway for those that attend our workshop panel.

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    Ha!! This is my hometown.
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    If you can stop in. The Con is tomorrow, hope to see those that can attend.

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    I’m afraid I don’t live there anymore and I’m not close. Otherwise I’d consider it.

    side note, Mark Hamill is filming there currently.
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    Me and a few others messaged him but no luck.

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    The 2nd VPL Fan Con was a success and me and my brother's Light Saber workshop went good once again. Despite the rain everything was good from the vendors, food trucks, cospalyers, panels and the workshops. We had over 770 people and that is more than 300 plus what we had for the first con 2 years ago. The local 501st was in attendance again. If all goes well VPL Fan Con 3 will be next year or the year after. VPL Fan Con 3 coming to Southern New Jersey 2020 or 2021.


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