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Thread: Chrome tape on Neopixel strips?

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    Default Chrome tape on Neopixel strips?

    Hi everyone, I just joined and this is my very first post (as well as thread lol). So, I have this idea of using reflective chrome (as in an actual CHROME finish) tape over the outside of the LED strips in a Neopixel blade. I think this will increase the light reflection dramatically and thus make the blade brighter. What you would do is just apply the tape over the strip and carefully cut around the actual LEDs and the resistors etc with an x-acto or hobby knife. And then just press around the edges of the tape until it is relatively flat and even.

    Here is a picture of the chrome tape I am talking about:


    So what do you guys think? Do you think it would be worth it? I'm betting it would. A little time consuming maybe, but think of it this way - you would have an actual CHROME surface to bounce the light from your LEDs off of, as opposed to just a white surface. I am going to be building a Neopixel blade myself soon and I am pretty sure I am going to try this idea out on it.

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    Hello there! Welcome to the forums Neo Sauron.
    I’m not sure that’s gonna have any noticeable effect as the NP strips are usually sleeved with foam and within diffusing clear film. NP blades are pretty bright already, especially in comparison to in hilt LEDS but there are more knowledgeable people than me that mights say otherwise.


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    Well when I learned that most people prefer to use white strips over black ones (because it apparently reflects light slightly better), that's kinda when I got the idea in my head for a mirror-reflective like surface. I mean theoretically, if the white strips do make *some* slight difference in brightness over the black ones, then having an all chrome surface should also make *some* difference over a plain white one. Because *some* of the light is bouncing back off the inside of the foam tube to the strip's surface. Regardless, I think I am gonna at least try it out (can't hurt to try right), and see what kinda results I get.

    And thanks for the warm welcome btw.
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    My gut tells me that if there is any change it will be negligible. Yeah, we use mirrored blade tips for in hilt leds but in that case the light is pointed directly at the reflective surface. And for the amount of work necessary, probably not worth it. Is the tape conductive? If so, any contact with the small leads on the led, resistor, or FPC could be disastrous.

    If you do test the theory, do it on a single pixel or small section of a strip.
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