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Thread: Graflex neopixel build questions

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    Default Graflex neopixel build questions

    I just read that this is not the forum for Q&A - my bad.

    I'm building a Graflex with a Neopixel blade. I'm using an 89 Sabers hilt, Neopixel blade parts from TCSS, and designing and printing the chassis myself.

    I'm using a Proffieboard and 18650 battery.

    I don't care about being able to open/view the chassis, so I won't be building in a crystal chamber or making the chassis look cool. Functional is the name of the game.

    I'm planning on 2 switches, the red one and the clear eye switch only. I don't have a good use for the slide switch yet so I'm not going to hook that up.

    Because I couldn't find any chassis I liked (and I printed out about 4 of them) on any of the 3D printer sites, I'm designing my own. It is pretty spartan but it will fit and work.
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    Not sure how you're going to turn the glass eye into a switch? Might be better off using the slide switch on that hilt for your aux.

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