So, after a long time of checking, rechecking and checking again, I've finally come to the wiring that I will need.

With huge thanks to a couple of guys at the Thin-Neck Saber Fans Facebook group who thrashed this out with me on New Years Day.

As you can see I've ditched the PeX, simply because it wouldn't be needed on the NB v4. I have ditched the RGB Driver in this diagram, but I think I'm going to put that back in because it fits better in Dimitri Shtok's chassis and allows the LED to reach closer to the Crystal Chamber.

The 22 AWG wire is to allow me to pass the wire (capable of enough current) through Rudy Pando's Crystal Chamber. 24 AWG and up would need more wires which just won't physically fit through the copper tubing.

Also, I was made aware that it is common practice to wire the blade connectors positives to the recharge port, which means only a single wire is soldered to the board. i.e. Less wires to the board = easier soldering

So (insert drum roll) I'm finally ready to start the build-proper