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Thread: First Neopixel Build

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    Default First Neopixel Build

    I am taking a swing at my first neopixel build using the new NB4 assembly to see if it is as easy as they say.

    I have a hilt and the NB v4 assembly and after studying the manual, I think I have the wiring diagram figured out.

    Comments on my proposed wiring welcome!

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    I think you might need to connect L3 to the Negative of the connector as well. I may be wrong so if someone knows otherwise please chime in. Also, did you order it set up for neopixel? There's a jumper that needs to be disconnected.

    Edit: I've never used this board but I think I see the referenced jumper and it is not connected.
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    It is set up for Neopixel with jumper disconnected.

    As for the L3 to the Negative, I am going by the NV v4 manual, on page 30 it just says the negative goes to the L1 and L2 pads. But, it also says the Data pin is fed by the L3 pad but this new assembly module obviously has a Data pad. So if anyone has some feedback on my wiring it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure how this module is setup, but usually + really goes directly to the battery, the + pad is usually to feed power to the board. The manual shows both wires going, but the power isn't coming off the board, it's coming from the battery.

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    The battery and speaker are already attached directly to the board and do not require any attachments. The only things that need to be wired with this setup is the switch and PCB.

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    Did the drilling and taping needed.

    I put the tactile switch in the choke. But that necessitated having a custom ring made for it.

    Now the debate is whether to weather it or not before putting the internals in.

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    Hey man I am doing the Same thing Burg without the pre attached harness. Could ya tell me what you ended up doing, before I destroy my board haha


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