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Thread: MHSv2 blade wont fit

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    Default MHSv2 blade wont fit

    Has anyone had problems sliding a 1 blade into a v2 blade holder? Ive got the v2 style 5 blade holder and the blade is a standard 1 yet it wont slide in. Any suggestions?

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    It can happen and I can say with 98% confidence it's the blade that is slightly out of spec. Simply sand the 2 or so inches of the bottom of the blade. Plug up the end with some paper or cotton to avoid sanding dust getting inside. You can also tape the area above where you're sanding to protect it.

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    Thanks, I'll try that. Just thought it was weird b/c my blades fit all of my other sabers. I have 5 different blades and 4 other sabers. All sabers and blades match up just fine, except the MHS V2. the Sabers and blades are from US (except my Flex) though so maybe that's why they all work together. I'll try buying a 1"blade from TCSS and see if that one fits.

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    The blade tubes used by ultrasabers have traditionally been slightly too large to fit in mhs blade sockets. They use a different supplier and the tolerances are slightly larger.

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    I've noticed the same thing with Ultrasaber blades, especially after I cut it to a custom length - it tends to flare out and not fit. Taping off the bottom and carefully sanding the last 1-2 inches with 250 grit sandpaper will do the trick.

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