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Thread: Noob from Utah

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    Smile Noob from Utah

    Hello all,

    I became interested in lightsabers after attending FanX Salt Lake on September 7th this year. There were some great Star Wars cosplayers and a couple of lightsaber booths. One was SaberForge, but I don't remember the other one.

    After the con, I decided to do my own Star Wars cosplay and began looking at lightsabers online. I eventually found The Custom Saber Shop and these forums. I spent about a week watching videos, looking at websites and reading these forums and r/lightsabers on reditt. I was having a difficult time visualizing the size using the MHS Builder, not to mention at least one part I was interested in wasn't on the builder so I decided to order a couple of parts to get a feel for the size. I was pretty sure on the blade holder and main body so I went ahead and ordered those last Friday night. They arrived in the mail today.

    I'm looking forward to my first build and learning from the knowledge base here.

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    Welcome to the addiction
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    Welcome to the forums! Look forward to seeing the build!


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